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I found Anita at just the right moment for me during a time of great personal stress. Regular sessions with her were arranged at intervals that suited me best, initially twice a week. I selected Anita from the array of psychotherapists available to work with in London, England as she appeared to have a vast amount of experience inside and outside of clinical practice. I was particularly drawn to her earlier study within the field of anthropology as I saw this as perhaps an interesting foundation for a genuine interest in people in general and also, to my mind, this assured a certain perhaps academic distance which I felt may be helpful at that time when I was going through a fairly dark period of depression and anxiety.
Anita Gould is erudite, keeps professional boundaries and always remains calm whilst at the same time exudes a warm intelligence that makes for a friendly and supportive backdrop for conversation, analysis, discussion as well as occasional (useful) silences. One is never made to feel awkward, ashamed or embarrassed and revealing or touching upon subjects that otherwise would in a different context can be part of the fun of analysis with Anita as well as the relief one feels from getting certain emotional topics off from one’s chest as it were.
Over the course of several weeks spent attending two sessions a week with Anita I feel that i was able to get a healthier perspective on events and material from my own life as well as some further understanding and empathy for those around me. Anita was flexible around my financial circumstances and helpful in being open to various arrangements so it turned out best for me as I was moving away from London to the south Coast to have a break from sessions. Now that I am even further away, in Berlin, Germany I have felt it is important to get back in touch with Anita and am in the process of scheduling regular Skype sessions (a service she offers as well as visiting her private practice in north London)

Clinical Director Anita Gould collecting the awards for the Maya Centre
The NAPT Quality Improvement Awards
The National Audit of Psychological Therapies (NAPT) launched a national audit prize in order to recognise the quality improvement work carried out by services since the publication of their first report in 2011. Prizes were presented at the New Savoy Partnership Psychological Therapies in the NHS Conferences on the 29th of November 2012.
Clinical Director Anita Gould collecting the awards for the Maya Centre

For my feedback to you Anita, all I really want to say is thank you. Although we had a slight difficult patch doing thorough this enhanced my relationship with you and it’s been filled with positivity ever since. Having you supervise my clinical work has really helped me with my practice both within Women and Health and outside. You have helped me to look at my clients in ways I had never thought about and work with my clients in ways that have helped their process and progression within therapy.
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be supervised by you. All the best.
Whitney Shaw – Dale
I would like to say that the supervision I have received has been extremely helpful, informative and confidence boosting. Anita you have been wonderful in enhancing my Psychodynamic knowledge and contributing to the work done with my clients. I cannot thank you enough!
Martina Jean-Jacques
I worked as a trainee counsellor with Anita. Her support and encouragement allowed me to build up my confidence in the client work and find my own way of working with my clients and best support them. Her guidance enabled me to gain insight and link my internal processes with my client work. Anita works in a supportive and challenging way that allows reflection, openness and honesty. Her analytical approach and sharpness complemented my -integrative-training. I gained and learned a lot from her supervision. It was a unique and valuable experience.
Asalet Tulaz
Anita has been a brilliant supervisor. I have found her knowledge and insight has led me to consider issues and dynamics in my client work that would otherwise have remained outside my awareness. She has been very supportive and I feel my practice has really developed under her supervision.
Beth Stevens
I had the good fortune of receiving clinical supervision from Anita while I was working at The Maya Centre as Honorary Counsellor.   I feel I learnt a great deal from her, she shared her thoughts and experience working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and at the same time she helped me understands and work with different theoretical concepts. Her supervision style was demanding and yet very supportive and encouraging. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity of working with her again in the future.
Aura Rico, Psychodynamic Counsellor  
Anita and I worked closely together as the senior management team at the Maya Centre, during which time I found Anita to be a thoughtful, insightful and highly skilled manager and clinician.
Emma Craig, Psychotherapist
I’m really grateful I had the pleasure to work with Anita and to be her supervisee. Anita’s supervisions have always been very inspiring and moving as she would always offer us a very analytical psychodynamic point of view which would increase our perception of each client and also encourage us to reflect deeper about our work as practitioners. Also, Anita has always been open to different perspectives and approaches, enabling us to develop an integrative work.
Thais Clemente Roscia
When I came to UK, beside of doing my duties as a mother of two small children and as a refugee who had been forced to leave everything behind, I had to struggle to establish everything from scratch. It was very difficult and painful period of my life as I was suffering from severe depression for a long time. I was feeling sad, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t make decision and I felt like my mind’s gone blank. I had very law self-steam, and I had difficulties in my relation with myself and others; in other words, I was lost in limbo.
When I started the psychodynamic therapy with Anita, for the first time in my life I could have a chance to go through all my deep hidden feelings about myself (starting from my childhood), my parents and other significant people in my life.  It was like a locked storage room, full of pictures from my past, which I was so frightened to even open its door.
It was through in-depth journey with Anita that I managed to rebuild my courage and strength in order to stepping into that dark room with her. By looking carefully at each one of those pictures, I had a better understanding of my conditioned responses and gaining insights into my behavioural patterns. Although I was analysing and evaluating my past in order to plan my future; I was involved with all problems and difficulties and I had to make important decisions in my present life.
Putting the past puzzle pieces together, significantly contributed to identify my abilities and qualities, with my very own values and desires, which enabled me to make important decisions and start new experiences. I discovered my SELF.
Although I was motivated and determined to improve and move to another level of my life but it was not possible to deal with all this baggage, without tapping into my consciousness. By the help of long term compassionate, professional psychoanalysis therapy, Anita provided me with a constant high standard of care. She maintained a safe, non-judgmental, effective professional relationship which allowed me to speak freely about my most personal concerns, reflect on them and consequently enabled me to believe in myself through my new experiences.
With deep understanding and support from Anita I realized and accepted who I am; I started to grow as a person. I took my first and greatest step to have a mature understanding in my relation with myself and others; Be a better parent and also integrating myself within this new society and contribute towards it.
I have known Anita at Mind Enfield in her capacity as the ‘Clinical Head and Service Manager’. Anita is very diligent and focused both as an administrative head as well as a clinician. She has assiduously worked on increasing clinical outputs and outcomes as well as improved the administrative systems and framework that led to service efficiency. Her experience gamut is vast particularly in service development and management arena. Her analytical way of working as well as her counselling knowledge particularly her psychoanalytic orientation is first class. I enjoyed the periodic counselling and client case related discussions we had and it was immensely value adding for me. I wish her the very best.
Nandu Menon, Managing Director, Headstride Ltd.
Anita was responsible for developing the Counselling Service in order to meet the requirements of the Service Legal Agreement with the London Borough of Enfield, under section 75….She was instrumental in establishing new processes,…and undertook the renewal of the BACP Accreditation,…Anita is an experienced psychotherapist with a keen interest in supporting clients in need of counselling and psychological support, with over 20 years’ experience in the NHS, Voluntary sector and as a private practitioner…..Ms Gould achieved the transformation of the Counselling Services here at Mind in Enfield; Anita worked very hard with exceptional difficulties around budget costings and many existing processes that had to be changed.  The counselling project is now much more stable due to the work that was done by Anita as the Counselling Service Manager for Mind in Enfield.
Chair and Company Secretary

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