Gould Consultancy Counselling & Psychotherapy Services
Working with:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feeling low, depressed and without motivation
  • Anxious and worried or suffering from panic attacks
  • Stress related problems
  • Struggling to manage your anger and life in general
  • Bereavement
  • Would like to learn more about yourself
  • Maximise your potential
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Managing big changes in life
  • Mild eating disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Coping with experience of sexual abuse or domestic violence
  • Self confidence
  • Self esteem


Welcome to my website.

I am a UKCP accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience in the statutory and voluntary sectors as well as in private practice. I have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of population who have shared with me extraordinary accounts of their lives and the events that affected their emotional and psychological health.

I have worked in different places and over the years I have learnt about environments, systems, and structures that are more efficient and productive in organisations and specially in therapeutic settings.

In time and with experience I was asked to provide supervision and clinical guidance to trainees and colleagues and moved on to the areas of developing skills of others, and services in general.

With my background in anthropology I am particularly interested in the interaction between individuals with their communities and wider society, and the impact of these interactions on psychological well-being.

One of my objectives is to continue with my work with organisations and with individuals; and remain part of the growing voice of concern over the future of mental health services and efforts to ensure good quality psychotherapy is made available to more people.

Private Practice

In my private practice, I provide counselling and psychotherapy to individuals as well as supervision to trainees and qualified therapists. My consulting rooms are located in north London, although increasingly my work is expanding internationally working online and providing supervision to therapists and counsellors from other countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

As an anthropologist and intercultural therapist I am interested in the development of a person from early years to the point of entry to therapy, and their worldview from their unique perspective.

Our understanding of the world is informed by an interaction between our private lives and our environment.  Our private world includes our personal physiological make up, and our lineage and cultural heritage.

I believe the external factors such as social, political, and economic circumstances are in constant interplay with our private lives and these interchanges shape our understanding of ourselves and our world.

Some of our response and our judgements are inherited and some develop by external factors, and yet others grow from an interplay between the two private and public spheres.   Our relationship and response to the world around us is unique and affect our psychological and emotional wellbeing.

My work

My work involves assisting my clients to form a better understanding of these different aspects of their lives, and to distinguish and recognise those perfunctory responses from the dysfunctional ones, and to create space for thinking about these ingrained responses that we don’t see and think about but nevertheless continue to influence our decision making on every day activities.

Also, I facilitate an enquiring space in which we can explore personal aspirations and expectations, their origins and forms, and how to meet these.  Together, with my client, we examine and reflect on their experiences and the influence of external events on their emotional and psychological standing.

I help to facilitate a better understanding of my clients’ world, and how they function within their world.  We explore possibilities of transformations, different ways these may be achieved, and how best to manage any emotional and psychological impediments and impacts.

The therapy goal is to facilitate a safe space for thinking, for self and life renovations, and for greater fulfilment of personal goals and overall contentment.  Nothing can be repeated and every person is unique.  Every therapeutic journey is an unparalleled healing process.  I am there as a witness, facilitator, support and accompaniment to the journey.  As a trained and experienced professional and a seasoned person I am able to provide the appropriate support to my clients.

The therapeutic journey could aim to achieve what might seem like small goal, such as learning to articulate feelings, which are often not understood and do not match actions.   At other points of journey, the goal posts may seem bigger, such as entering a new job or relationship.  Throughout the process we learn new lessons and ways to cope with and manage crisis and emotional stressors.

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of population group and a varied number of psychological conditions.  In therapy my clients included individuals and couples from different social and cultural backgrounds.  Working in different NHS settings and with numerous charities my clients came from affluent and socio-economically deprived areas.

In therapy

In therapy a wide range of emotional and psychological concerns are presented with various degrees of severity, from mild to moderate and critical.  In addition, I provide therapeutic consultation in self-development.  The service I provide is highly confidential, however, in a rare case of a critical episode where a client may pose a danger to him/herself or others I am obliged to contact appropriate authorities.  However, this will always be with client’s knowledge and consent as it is discussed with the client in advance of such a decision.

I offer both short term and long term psychotherapy in north London and on Skype.

For a full list of my work experience and professional history please take a look at my CV.

As an accredited Member of UKCP, Membership Number 00005628, I work in accordance with UKCP Ethical Prinicples and Code of Professional Conduct.  You can read about these by clicking here 

I’m really grateful I had the pleasure to work with Anita and to be her supervisee. Anita’s supervisions have always been very inspiring and moving as she would always offer us a very analytical psychodynamic point of view which would increase our perception of each client and also encourage us to reflect deeper about our work as practitioners.

Thais Clemente Roscia

Anita and I worked closely together as the senior management team at the Maya Centre, during which time I found Anita to be a thoughtful, insightful and highly skilled manager and clinician.

Emma Craig, Psychotherapist

I had the good fortune of receiving clinical supervision from Anita while I was working at The Maya Centre as Honorary Counsellor. I feel I learnt a great deal from her, she shared her thoughts and experience working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and at the same time she helped me understands and work with different theoretical concepts.

Aura Rico, Psychodynamic Counsellor

Contact & Enquiries

You can contact me either by clicking the button below or calling me on: 078 4792 0094