Organisation Consultancy and Service Development

Clinical Director Anita Gould collecting the awards for the Maya Centre

The NAPT Quality Improvement Awards

The NAPT Quality Improvement Awards The National Audit of Psychological Therapies (NAPT) launched a national audit prize in order to recognise the quality improvement work carried out by services since the publication of their first report in 2011. Prizes were...

I have proven track record of success in project development, directing and developing services, management, service restructuring, and delivering targets with award winning results.  I am able to deliver multiple projects on time, under budget with superior results through consistent management of tasks.

At Maya Centre and MIND in Enfield I was able to advance cycle time for clients accessing service (by over 70%), increase number of clients and service output, and improve clinical outcomes and clients’ satisfaction rates (over 65%).

Within one year these targets were met and results achieve, by restructuring the service and making improvements in all related areas, from the administrative systems to clinical aspects of the service.  These led to successful funding applications from the local authorities and the Big Lottery Fund, and in the case of Maya Centre, winning a national award from the National Audit of Psychological Therapies, presented by the Institute of Psychiatry in association with the Department of Health.  (click here)

As a therapist I also look at the hidden dynamics to organisational behaviour, and help to make sense of the unspoken, the complex and the difficult areas in the organisation.  By helping you look at what is really going on, I will help you maximise your potential, and make the necessary changes that deliver performance improvements.  I help organisations to clarify and achieve their aims.

Keeping in mind the whole system, I work with the groups and individuals within an organisation, and the systems and structures that hold everything together.  Looking at different structures within and between organisations I help you assess the boundaries that link systems together and to analyse and make sense of what is going on and how they function.  Together, we distinguish functional from the dysfunctional, and help make changes in line with organisational aims and objective.

I consult on

  • organisation design
  • organisational change and development
  • culture change
  • coaching individuals and teams for leadership and professional development
  • issues of alignment, for example between strategy and operations

I bring a systems-wide perspective informed by organisational theory and consultancy practice, which includes:

  • team development
  • change management
  • management development
  • strategy development and implementation
  • organisation design
  • leadership development, including coaching
  • culture change
  • partnership working.

I help clients improve their performance and the well-being of their staff, and help them to meet customer requirements more effectively.

What I do

Redesigning can help clients:

  • achieve organisational aims more effectively and cost-effectively.
  • adapt to changes in their operating environment, for example in response to regulatory changes or emerging competitive threats.
  • harness technological innovations in ways that enable the organisation and its staff.
  • work successfully with other organisations.

Aligning structures so that they fit with the aims and work of the organisation, partnership or work group may also require alignment of other aspects, measurement systems for example, and may involve assessment of cultural compatibility and attention to culture change requirements.

All too often, business decisions with regard to either internal restructuring or mergers and acquisitions are taken without giving due consideration to cultural compatibility, and this leads to unexpected detrimental business consequences. I work with my clients to take cultural factors into consideration as part of their initial decision process, and draw upon my understanding of cultural attributes to inform a specific redesign.

How I work

I focus on my clients’ aims and the way they go about their work, and offer collaboration in:

  • diagnosis and problem solving
  • designing and implementing organisational interventions
  • managing change
  • reflecting and learning.

I specialise in tackling practical issues by drawing on my background in social science theory and method. I conduct regular, rigorous peer and client reviews.

Appointments & Costs

Consultation fees are based on the organisational size and needs.   I can provide consultation and reporting on clear guidelines and objective solutions.  And can remain with clients throughout the process of service restructuring and/or development.

My consultation fees start from £500 per hour, and include time spent with client and production of reports using experts’ reviews.

Each project is individually tailored and priced.

For more information, please email me with a brief description of your organisation, giving me details of the size, number of people employed and involved with the organisation, what are the aims and objectives, and a short summary of the issues needing to be addressed.

Please address your emails to:

Contact & Enquiries

You can contact me either by clicking the button below or calling me on: 078 4792 0094